About Us

Why Belichberg?

Belichberg is a custom software provider based in Vienna, Austria.

The Belichberg team improves and optimizes business processes. We analyze your goals and develop real solutions to match, on time and on budget.

We specialize in accompanying your project from idea to realization. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to make the best use of software and data science to help you achieve your goals.
  • Our vision
    Digitizing businesses helps great companies deliver great services and improve the lives of their staff, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Our mission
    The Belichberg mission is driven by the belief that we can always do better. We enhance efficiency, performance, and success by carefully analyzing business goals and working with companies to find new solutions.

Our values

Our partnerships are based on trust. You need a partner you can rely on and a partner who shares the same vision for your project.
Our wealth of experience gives us room to grow and evolve with every project.
We are always developing and eager to improve.
We provide small, ready-to-use deliverables throughout the workflow.
Our Services
We deliver custom software for your business needs. We pay close attention to performance, load and security specifications. You benefit from a fully tested and configured system which is ready to use.
We have the skills, the experience and the attention to detail to turn your business idea into a live website, on time and on budget.
However ambitious your mobile business idea, we can help you launch it efficiently and successfully. Save time and money for your business with our reliable development platform.
Optimise, visualise and analyse your business processes with Belichberg’s data science tools. Get better data and make better decisions for your company.
Improve the efficiency and reliability of your business operations with our DevOps and cloud expertise. Perfect your products and give your customers exactly what they want.
Profit from Belichberg’s infrastructure management courtesy of a dedicated team skilled at data security, access and reliability.
Exploit the full potential of IoT solutions in your business environment to manage and control hardware and optimise data management. The sky’s the limit for your business idea with our bespoke combination of different technologies.
Belichberg continuously contributes to open-source projects, ensuring that our developers stay ahead of the game and learn from new developments as they happen.
Specializing in Digital Transformation for Photovoltaic and Wind Energy.
My members of the Austrian Federal Photovoltaic Association
Providing Advanced Data Analytics, including Predictive Maintenance, Time-series Analysis, and Performance Management.
Cutting-Edge Surveillance Solutions with Deep Learning Video Object Detection and On-site Alarm Systems.
QR Code-based Maintenance and Surveillance Registration Systems.